knitting as therapy.


imageAfter a 12 hour shift behind the headset, it is nice to come home and create something with my hands.  I enjoy watching my crafts take shape.  I revel in handling a finished thing and take comfort knowing that I can create Something beautiful and functional from nothing but sticks and string.

The man often looks at what I am doing and grumbles about not understanding the patience it must take, or the amounts of time I invest.  I don’t think he quite understands how much my hobbies allow me to quiet my mind.  Whether I knit, crochet, paint, build or refinish something, the process is therapy to me.


Occupying most of my time currently, is a test knit of The Marion Sweater, by Vera Sannon. If I can just steal away for a few more hours, the last sleeve will be done.



To new beginnings…..

I have been a 911 operator for over a decade. While it can be rewarding at times, for the most part, the job is thankless, stressful, and exhausting. When I am not at work, I keep the demons at bay by knitting, creating, rebuilding broken and neglected things, working my horses and playing on my mini-farm. There is therapy in creation and getting your hands dirty.