I think I have a problem…

It isn’t that I don’t like to finish things, I just really love to start them.


Not long after I started my Ravelry account, I became drunk with possibility.  The patterns!  The colors! The yarns!  My queue quickly swelled to over 400. 400!?!  I’m not sure I will knit 400 things in my lifetime.  At least not while I’m working for a living…

My queue, I decided, is like a wish list.  It is an inspiration file.

My projects page is a whole other beast… I do try to keep up with the general status of things, but I admit, my projects page is starting to look a little too ambitions.  This is where I keep straight all of the reasons that I bought “that yarn” in the first place.  I have actually purchased the yarn for every single thing here.  (Please don’t tel my husband!)

My current status of WIPS is a touch intimidating:

I have my waiting room socks


The blanket I started for a friend two years ago

The blanket I started for a friend last fall


The mermaid tail blanket I started for a friend’s daughter last month….and one more just like it after that…

There is a cardigan that just needs a zipper


The sweater that needs half of a sleeve

and a sweater that needs a Netflix Marathon

There are two… I mean three scarves and one shawl


A ridiculous hat that my son insists he NEEEEEDS


and somehow, I am still itching to cast on for the Banyan Shawl.

What. The. Hell. Is. Wrong. With. Me??



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