I have a plan.

Self control isn’t something that comes easy to me, especially when it comes to yarn. The excited feeling that comes with casting on a new project is hard to beat when it’s still so cold outside.


The yarn in my closet is just going to have to wait, I need to work on this mountain of unfinished knits.

I am promising myself that I will not cast on for a new project until I finish at least three.  Happily, I have here that are getting close….


Thanks to a movie marathons last night, my Marion Sweater is only lacking by half of a sleeve.  I don’t even need to worry about button bands, I already did those.

I just need 6 more inches of easy, intuitive, interesting lace.  I got this…


6 thoughts on “I have a plan.”

  1. How do you like your yarn bowl? I’ve been looking at a few online, but have been hesitant to splurge on one.

    1. I love it! I knit on the couch, and was having issues with my yarn jumping out of my lap. now I put it in the bowl, and my table is high enough, it works great. I made my bowl at a paint-your-own pottery shop, so it was pretty economical. I have also used clean coffee cans and cut holes in the lids or sides. Those tend to snag sometimes, but it gives you an idea if it is something you might enjoy using 🙂

  2. Afternoon! What an exciting but as you pointed out -stress full too. I understand why when you get home you want to chill and spin a bit of yarn 😀 thank you for dropping by my blog and following me. I will make sure to drop by and see what you are up to from time to time. I wish I was a crafty as you .

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