Change of Plans…

Every once in a while, I am overcome with the need to knit something special for someone deserving and all of my plans to catch up on WIPs just get thrown right out the window.


That might have happened this weekend.

May I introduce the beginnings of a lovely Echo Flower Shawl….


I’m never going to catch up!



Another FO

Sometimes, doing the right thing comes at a price.  Sometimes, that means you have to give more of yourself than you thought was ever really possible.  Sometimes, the price you pay is your own sanity.  Sometimes, the avenue to healing is somehow giving just a little bit more.

Enter my lovingly dubbed and finally finished “waiting room socks.”


These were knit exclusively in waiting rooms.  Sometimes it was for routine Dr. visit and sometimes while waiting on an oil change, but this weekend, it was while waiting at the hospital for something far less mundane.

Regardless, the simple pattern of these vanilla socks in a beautiful self-striping yarn was all I needed to pass the time and sooth my nerves.

The wait was just long enough to finish the last sock just in time to give them to someone very deserving.




A FO! ….sort of

Stealing away for a few blissful hours of knitting has been harder than it sounds lately.  Between work, farm chores, and the challenges of daily life, I’m surprised I haven’t forgotten how.  Thankfully, a few stolen moments here and there have been all I need to finish that 1/2 sleeve, tuck in a few ends, and try the thing on….


…and its just a touch too long.  And I don’t love the A-line on me.  While it is probably flattering on some, the fit is a no-go for me.


Excuse me while I go cry and try to figure out exactly how far I need to rip back to fix this.

Damn it.