Temptation wins again…

When it comes to knitting and crochet, I have always had a hard time focusing on just one project.  I highly doubt I’m alone here.

My problem is that sometimes I’m in the mood for lace, sometimes, I need something brainless and other times I want something fast…..  I think you probably catch my drift.

Though my mood changes like the weather, I AM always up for a good mystery, and there is nothing more intensely satisfying than a Mystery Knit Along (MKAL) led by a designer I appreciate.

I had good results with the last sweater MKAL by Vera Sanon, and there is a summer MKAL starting May 15.  I suppose jumping into this new project wouldn’t be cheating if I use yarn from stash (which I have) and work hard to finish at least one WIP between now and then and don’t start any more new ones.

That’s totally doable…like the beard for this silly hat….



Time to get off my butt and finish SOMETHING!


Instant Gratification – sort of

Don’t get me wrong, I love knitting and everything about it.  It keeps my hands busy and my mind still.  For me, knitting is meditation.

It just takes forever, and every once in a while (okay, almost every week) I just need something fast.

Sometimes, I just need to start and finish a project in an hour or two.  Sometimes, I need splashes of vibrant color.  Sometimes, I need to see something take shape RIGHT NOW.

Enter paint.


My quaint little-ish town has a paint-your-own ceramics studio.  For a small shop fee plus the price of the piece, I can sit down in my own little corner of the world and create.


When I’m done, I leave my piece with the shop, and they throw it in the kiln for me.  I continue to be amazed at the difference the kiln makes.

Getting things back always feels just a little bit like Christmas.



Waiting Room knitting

While my overall goal has been to cut down on my total # of WIPs, I don’t have any FO’s to show for it.

The last thing to come off the needles was my super cozy pair of ribbed socks that I lovingly dubbed my “waiting room knitting.”

Waiting room knitting isn’t like the other projects I juggle.  Waiting room knitting is it’s own beast.  It doesn’t count toward my WIPs.  Waiting room knitting is neutral in that respect.  As soon as it is cast off, it is cast right back on.

Waiting room knitting does have rules:  Waiting room knitting must be brain-free.  It doesn’t make an appearance at the house.  It doesn’t come out at the fire pit.  It stays snuggly in its own project bag in my pickup and only gets its turn when I need something to help pass the time at any number of appointments.

Sometimes, that means it doesn’t make an appearance for weeks.  Sometimes, half of a sock appears from no where!

I must have been waiting a lot this week…..