Waiting Room knitting

While my overall goal has been to cut down on my total # of WIPs, I don’t have any FO’s to show for it.

The last thing to come off the needles was my super cozy pair of ribbed socks that I lovingly dubbed my “waiting room knitting.”

Waiting room knitting isn’t like the other projects I juggle.  Waiting room knitting is it’s own beast.  It doesn’t count toward my WIPs.  Waiting room knitting is neutral in that respect.  As soon as it is cast off, it is cast right back on.

Waiting room knitting does have rules:  Waiting room knitting must be brain-free.  It doesn’t make an appearance at the house.  It doesn’t come out at the fire pit.  It stays snuggly in its own project bag in my pickup and only gets its turn when I need something to help pass the time at any number of appointments.

Sometimes, that means it doesn’t make an appearance for weeks.  Sometimes, half of a sock appears from no where!

I must have been waiting a lot this week…..



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