So close…

Between farm chores, settling and training a new horse, working full time (and then some), running errands and handling the odds and ends of daily life, there simply hasn’t been much time left for crafting.

Lets face it, I live in Alaska and when spring comes early and temps hit 70 in May, outside enjoying the gift of early spring is the only place this girl wants to be.


I did, however, manage to eek out a few hours to put the beard together for my son’s Skyrim Viking helmet.  All that is left now is to sew the thing to the helmet and snap a few FO pictures.

But outside is calling ……


Author: 911knits

I'm a 911 operator in beautiful Alaska. After a full day of keeping my cool in the midst of the chaos, I like to relax. In the winter, my drug of choice is yarn. In the summer I prefer to be outside.

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