Finally done with SOMETHING!

14 years as a 911 operator have ruined me for sitting still.  I’m always anticipating that another crisis is around the corner and that anxiety has caused me to be a little hyper vigilant.  I have become antsy and easy to distract.  I don’t watch much TV, I can’t make it through a movie, and I really don’t like knitting or crocheting the same thing twice.  

That probably explains why my son’s Skyrim Inspired Viking Helmet took so damn long.   This is my second go around, and the acrylic yarn certainly didn’t get any nicer.  Once I got going though, there really wasn’t much to it…

Except the part where I couldn’t get a good picture before the kid took off with it.  

He approves.

That is ugly, cheap, acrylic yarn from stash.  No sense wasting the good stuff on the likes of that mess!  Glad he loves it.


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