Actual Progress

I’ve mentioned before how therapeutic I find knitting to be.  It’s that calm in the storm sometimes. The known when I am surrounded by the unknown and feel out of control.  It is a distraction during the times I need one most.

My Ready for Summer 2016 MKAL sweater proved to be just what the doctor ordered over the last few weeks when Dad had to have a very risky surgery.  Being the daddy’s girl I am, I took time away from work to be there and see him safely settled home.

Being a responsible knitter, I knew it was best to pack a larger project that was *just* challenging enough to keep my attention, but not so challenging as to bring about a migraine.  (Sorry Echo Flower Shawl, you are gonna have to wait!)

Two weeks later, I am happy to report that dad is doing as well as we could hope for.  He had the best of care and I am eternally grateful for the staff at his hospital.  Of lesser importance, is the progress I was able to make on my sweater.  Between checking vitals, adjusting pillows, filling ice packs, giving meds, changing bandages, helping with PT, and keeping the old guy entertained, I didn’t have as much time to knit as I thought I might, but I did manage to finish with the first skein.


The alpaca blend is like knitting with kitten fur and I’m feeling pretty spoiled.



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