Time to get ready for Christmas!!

I’m a slow knitter with lofty Christmas knitting goals.  The only way I stand a snowball’s chance in hell of getting everything done is if I start yesterday.

So I did.  I ordered up some new yarn including a redonkulously expensive skein of quivit from Arctic Treasures in the Alaska Raspberry color way then set about searching for that perfect pattern.

I settled on the Heavenly Cowl by Leah Michelle Designs and cast on the minute the yarn arrived…



A Whole Summer Later…

This spring, against better judgement, I cast on for a fingering weight MKAL sweater by Vera Sannon.  Don’t get me wrong, I love her patterns, so I knew I would love the result.  The fact that she guides you through your choice of pullover or cardi just makes this even better.

And there was the alpaca yarn…  It was like knitting with kitten fur.  Very fine kitten fur.  As in what-the-hell-was-I-thinking, teensy-tinsy fingering weight kitten fur.

It’s a good damn thing I LOVE this yarn, or I would never have finished!

Pattern : Ready for Summer MKAL

Ravelry Link : here

Yarn : Juniper Moon Farm, Harriott Fine

Palette Cleanser

imageEvery once in a while, I just need something quick.  I get bored with repetition.  
When I saw the kit for he Hoxey Cowl from Interweave Knits, I jumped on the chance to play with the uber soft Plymouth Yarns Baby Alpaca Grande.

I highly recommend this pattern in this yarn for a quick, thoughtful gift or for a bit of purely selfish luxury.  It will take longer to block this baby than it did to knit it.  What’s not to love??