My other guilty pleasure….

I learned to paint when I was  young.  My grandmother, an avid tole painter, fascinated me and I was thrilled when she let me start to paint along.

My first attempts were clumsy and precious and are all stored away someplace safe – most likely in my parent’s crawl space alongside other relics of my childhood.  Over time, though, I developed more skill and eventually sold a few pieces and even taught a handful of classes.


I’ve been out of painting for a while now.  I have always really enjoyed the hobby, but never really had the time nor space.

I’m happy to report that thanks to a local paint-your-own pottery shop, I have started to knock the rust off of those old skills.  I make my way that direction at least twice a month and have a box full of plates and mugs and bowls and knick-knacks to show for it.


This is a medium bowl I painted as a place to collect keys and the odds and ends that come from my pockets at the end of the day.  It is done in glazes.  The firing process never ceases to amaze….