Feeling Productive

It has only been a few short weeks since I wound my amazingly soft qiviut yarn into a ball so the Christmas knitting could commence and the stuff has already been magically transformed.

Gift #1 is already off the needles.


The pattern is Heavenly Cowl by Leah Michelle Designs.

The scrumptious Arctic Treasure qiviut can be purchased from http://www.northernthreads.net just in case you need to be ridiculously self-indulgent.  Northern Threads was super quick to ship and by far had the best price.  This is the Alaskan Raspberry colorway.  One skein got me 6 pattern repeats with a bit left over to pet and play with at whim.


Aaaaaand done!

Way back in January, I thought it might be fun to make a crochet mermaid-tail blanket for a friend’s 8-year-old daughter’s August birthday. I searched out patterns on Ravelry and landed on an adorable version with crocodile-stitch scales and actually got a little taken in by the newness of it.

Thinking a pink and purple variegated yarn was a good choice (ha!), I bought the local Joanne’s out of their Red Heart Plum Pudding and ran home to get started, naively thinking the project would progress quickly.

I was over it by the 10th row.

So it languished.

And it collected dust.

And it stared at me from the kitchen table where I laid it thinking foolishly I’d get in a row here and there in between cutting and stirring and frying.

But it did not grow.

No little elves came to finish this project.

And I thought to myself – I have time.

And I distracted myself with other things.  Other projects.  ANYTHING but the boring mermaid-tail blanket in the hideously unicorn-vomit colored, scratchy, cheap acrylic yarn.  I would do anything not to handle the stuff.  (When did I become such a yarn snob?)

And then it was August.

Oh August I hate you.

And the stupid mermaid-tail blanket from hell still hadn’t finished itself. Damn.

So back to the couch it moved.  I worked on this damned dreadful thing every waking minute. And I ran out of yarn.  So did Joanne’s.  Shit.

I improvised with a dark purple stripe and surprisingly, it knocked the edge off of the overwhelmingly bright pink and purple acid trip of acrylic hideousness.

Just to be clear though, I would have totally subbed bailing string just to get this monstrosity DONE!

And done it is my friends.  The ends are woven.  The tail, made separately, was hastily stitched on.  Thank you baby Jesus, the damned thing is finally done.

But did I get a picture of this thing that has plagued me for so many months?  No.  I did not.  In my haste to be rid of it, I completely neglected snapping so much as one picture of it in its brightly colored glory.

If you think you want to make one for yourself, be warned, the damned thing dredges on and on and on and progress is slow.  Then, when you near the end, its sheer volume threatens to suffocate you.  Don’t try this as a summer time project.  Also, buy A LOT more yarn than you think you will need.  This thing ate yarn just slightly faster than it ate at my soul – steadily, relentlessly and without fail.  I used 5 skeins of the Red Heart Super Saver and the better part of a Caron One Pound skein.

Thank God its over.



My other guilty pleasure….

I learned to paint when I was  young.  My grandmother, an avid tole painter, fascinated me and I was thrilled when she let me start to paint along.

My first attempts were clumsy and precious and are all stored away someplace safe – most likely in my parent’s crawl space alongside other relics of my childhood.  Over time, though, I developed more skill and eventually sold a few pieces and even taught a handful of classes.


I’ve been out of painting for a while now.  I have always really enjoyed the hobby, but never really had the time nor space.

I’m happy to report that thanks to a local paint-your-own pottery shop, I have started to knock the rust off of those old skills.  I make my way that direction at least twice a month and have a box full of plates and mugs and bowls and knick-knacks to show for it.


This is a medium bowl I painted as a place to collect keys and the odds and ends that come from my pockets at the end of the day.  It is done in glazes.  The firing process never ceases to amaze….

Another FO

Sometimes, doing the right thing comes at a price.  Sometimes, that means you have to give more of yourself than you thought was ever really possible.  Sometimes, the price you pay is your own sanity.  Sometimes, the avenue to healing is somehow giving just a little bit more.

Enter my lovingly dubbed and finally finished “waiting room socks.”


These were knit exclusively in waiting rooms.  Sometimes it was for routine Dr. visit and sometimes while waiting on an oil change, but this weekend, it was while waiting at the hospital for something far less mundane.

Regardless, the simple pattern of these vanilla socks in a beautiful self-striping yarn was all I needed to pass the time and sooth my nerves.

The wait was just long enough to finish the last sock just in time to give them to someone very deserving.




A FO! ….sort of

Stealing away for a few blissful hours of knitting has been harder than it sounds lately.  Between work, farm chores, and the challenges of daily life, I’m surprised I haven’t forgotten how.  Thankfully, a few stolen moments here and there have been all I need to finish that 1/2 sleeve, tuck in a few ends, and try the thing on….


…and its just a touch too long.  And I don’t love the A-line on me.  While it is probably flattering on some, the fit is a no-go for me.


Excuse me while I go cry and try to figure out exactly how far I need to rip back to fix this.

Damn it.