Cruising right along….

With Christmas Gift #1 ready for gift wrap and Christmas Gift #2 well under way, I’m feeling more organized than I have in my entire Christmas Knitting career.  I’m not sure, but I just may finish gift #2 in just a couple of weeks.

That is super good news, because I have so much more to knit…….


When it is finished, this will be a Light and Up shawl.  You can get the pattern and yarn from Craftsy.  This would be in Malabrigo.  Colorway: playa.

The colors are soothing, and remind me of river rock.  I wish my camera would have picked up on that…


Time to get ready for Christmas!!

I’m a slow knitter with lofty Christmas knitting goals.  The only way I stand a snowball’s chance in hell of getting everything done is if I start yesterday.

So I did.  I ordered up some new yarn including a redonkulously expensive skein of quivit from Arctic Treasures in the Alaska Raspberry color way then set about searching for that perfect pattern.

I settled on the Heavenly Cowl by Leah Michelle Designs and cast on the minute the yarn arrived…