A FO! ….sort of

Stealing away for a few blissful hours of knitting has been harder than it sounds lately.  Between work, farm chores, and the challenges of daily life, I’m surprised I haven’t forgotten how.  Thankfully, a few stolen moments here and there have been all I need to finish that 1/2 sleeve, tuck in a few ends, and try the thing on….


…and its just a touch too long.  And I don’t love the A-line on me.  While it is probably flattering on some, the fit is a no-go for me.


Excuse me while I go cry and try to figure out exactly how far I need to rip back to fix this.

Damn it.





I have a plan.

Self control isn’t something that comes easy to me, especially when it comes to yarn. The excited feeling that comes with casting on a new project is hard to beat when it’s still so cold outside.


The yarn in my closet is just going to have to wait, I need to work on this mountain of unfinished knits.

I am promising myself that I will not cast on for a new project until I finish at least three.  Happily, I have here that are getting close….


Thanks to a movie marathons last night, my Marion Sweater is only lacking by half of a sleeve.  I don’t even need to worry about button bands, I already did those.

I just need 6 more inches of easy, intuitive, interesting lace.  I got this…

Keeping it all Together


For me, first learning to knit was a frustrating process.  It always felt like between trying to man-handle the needles and keep the yarn under control, I was just one dropped stitch away from a complete mental break down.

At the time, there was no LYS near by, I had no knitterly friends willing to suffer through teaching me the ropes, and the only patterns available to me were the out-of-date ones that come for free at the local big-box craft store.  The yarn I picked was cheap acrylic.  My tension was so tight that the yarn actually squeaked over the cheap metal needles that came in my “learn-to-knit” kit.

Things have certainly come a long way, but the learning hasn’t stopped.  Never.


A large part of my decision to start my own blog was that I need a place to keep all of the little tips and tricks I pick up along the way together.  For example, on my latest project, The Marion Sweater test-knit, the pattern called for a new-to-me increase and decrease stitch: The KRL and KLL.  Thankfully, the designer, Vera Sanon, was kind enough to include a helpful link in the pattern and thanks to the amazing folks at knittinghelp.com, I was quickly on my way.

Next up on my project list?  My own increase and decrease sampler.