Cruising right along….

With Christmas Gift #1 ready for gift wrap and Christmas Gift #2 well under way, I’m feeling more organized than I have in my entire Christmas Knitting career.  I’m not sure, but I just may finish gift #2 in just a couple of weeks.

That is super good news, because I have so much more to knit…….


When it is finished, this will be a Light and Up shawl.  You can get the pattern and yarn from Craftsy.  This would be in Malabrigo.  Colorway: playa.

The colors are soothing, and remind me of river rock.  I wish my camera would have picked up on that…


Ysolda’s 2016 Shawl Club

It has been a little like Christmas this month so far with piles of new yarn appearing all over the place.

First, there was the yarn I ordered from Knit Picks after I realized the yarn I was using wasn’t going to work….

*no picture, sorry, it hasn’t even shipped!*

Then there was the not-so-little splurge at my LYS that I picked up because Knit Pick’s couldn’t just teleport the yarn I had literally ordered just hours before…


And now, there is the second installment of Ysolda’s 2016 Shawl club, and I could not be happier.  The accompanying pattern is a lovely hat and mitt set that I am selfishly planning on keeping.


Never mind that I have yet to start the first project of the year!

An exciting yarn club


My Christmas present to myself last year was a coveted membership in Ysolda’s 2016 Club.  She will be sending out four patterns and their suggested yarns over the year. I have knit several of her patterns and have yet to be disappointed.  I jumped at the chance to join the fun and so far, I am so glad I did!


I couldn’t be happier with this month’s yarn selection.  It is soft, and airy, and the color is so deep and warm and classy and utterly inspiring.  The first thing I did when I unwrapped the package was plop it down in the snow for a photo shoot in natural light.  In February.  At 4PM.  Thank you Alaska and your gray light. Ugh.


Then I tried the kitchen table.  Clearly, I still needed better light.  A better camera wouldn’t hurt either, but I digress….


Finally, I just drug the stuff into the bathroom.  Still a no-go, but at least you can make out the golden halo.  Pictures really don’t do the stuff justice. It really is heavenly and I can’t wait to cast on!

Sadly though, the Banyan scarf (or shawl!) pattern that came with this month’s installment is going to have to wait – I simply have too many things on the needles and hooks right now.

More on that soon….