Yarn Canada and the mountain of possibilities

Believe it or not, Yarn Canada is offering up the chance to enter to win socks for life!

What’s the catch?  You have to knit them your self!

While the knitting possibilities are endless, one thing is for certain – you’ll run out of room for all of the yarn.  You’ll be crushed by the sheer weight of it all.  You’ll have carpal tunnel by year’s end and you’ll definitely need surgery…it will be awesome!

See this??  This is a butt-load of yarn and it could be yours!


Want in?  Head over to Yarn Canada’s entry page and tell them all about how life changing $1000 worth of fabulous sock yarn would be for you and what you’d do with it all and your in it to win it.

As for me?

There is no way I could knit that much in my lifetime, so I’d be starting a knitting group to knit for a children’s’ charity because the thought just warms my cold, tired heart.  What you do with it if you win is totally up to you.

Good luck!

As for me and my knitting progress?  I have a lot to share… stay tuned!



So close…

Between farm chores, settling and training a new horse, working full time (and then some), running errands and handling the odds and ends of daily life, there simply hasn’t been much time left for crafting.

Lets face it, I live in Alaska and when spring comes early and temps hit 70 in May, outside enjoying the gift of early spring is the only place this girl wants to be.


I did, however, manage to eek out a few hours to put the beard together for my son’s Skyrim Viking helmet.  All that is left now is to sew the thing to the helmet and snap a few FO pictures.

But outside is calling ……

Waiting Room knitting

While my overall goal has been to cut down on my total # of WIPs, I don’t have any FO’s to show for it.

The last thing to come off the needles was my super cozy pair of ribbed socks that I lovingly dubbed my “waiting room knitting.”

Waiting room knitting isn’t like the other projects I juggle.  Waiting room knitting is it’s own beast.  It doesn’t count toward my WIPs.  Waiting room knitting is neutral in that respect.  As soon as it is cast off, it is cast right back on.

Waiting room knitting does have rules:  Waiting room knitting must be brain-free.  It doesn’t make an appearance at the house.  It doesn’t come out at the fire pit.  It stays snuggly in its own project bag in my pickup and only gets its turn when I need something to help pass the time at any number of appointments.

Sometimes, that means it doesn’t make an appearance for weeks.  Sometimes, half of a sock appears from no where!

I must have been waiting a lot this week…..


Another FO

Sometimes, doing the right thing comes at a price.  Sometimes, that means you have to give more of yourself than you thought was ever really possible.  Sometimes, the price you pay is your own sanity.  Sometimes, the avenue to healing is somehow giving just a little bit more.

Enter my lovingly dubbed and finally finished “waiting room socks.”


These were knit exclusively in waiting rooms.  Sometimes it was for routine Dr. visit and sometimes while waiting on an oil change, but this weekend, it was while waiting at the hospital for something far less mundane.

Regardless, the simple pattern of these vanilla socks in a beautiful self-striping yarn was all I needed to pass the time and sooth my nerves.

The wait was just long enough to finish the last sock just in time to give them to someone very deserving.