A Little Inspiration

I have been eye-balling Cowichan sweaters for a few months now, so being in the design process is a little exciting.

I’ve got a few pictures saved for color, design or shape inspiration…

And thanks to a little free time and some Excel magic, I think I have my main motif figured out.  Can’t wait to swatch this out and see if it works!


As for cardigan construction, I’m a little torn about knitting in pieces vs  top down.  I think once this is knit up, it may benefit from the structure of seaming things up, but I really need things to line up, so I’m worried.

I also need to figure out my yarn choice.  My eagle design is 50 sitches wide by 23 tall, so I’m thinking a worsted weight wool is the way to go here.

If anyone has ideas, I’m all ears!



Big Plans

Maybe I’m getting a little cocky knowing my Christmas knitting is mostly in the bag.  I have Mom’s qiviut cowl done, my MIL’s shawl just needs to be blocked (FO post coming soon) and 1 1/2 of 5 color-stranded hats finished.  At this rate, I should be done and Christmas-ready by mid-November.

With any luck, this all means I might have time to finish a little something for you-know-who!

Enter the Cowichan Sweater.

I think I need one.  I need one bad.  Time to get planning.


Photo from the Canadian TV series Heartland – my latest guilty pleasure.


A Whole Summer Later…

This spring, against better judgement, I cast on for a fingering weight MKAL sweater by Vera Sannon.  Don’t get me wrong, I love her patterns, so I knew I would love the result.  The fact that she guides you through your choice of pullover or cardi just makes this even better.

And there was the alpaca yarn…  It was like knitting with kitten fur.  Very fine kitten fur.  As in what-the-hell-was-I-thinking, teensy-tinsy fingering weight kitten fur.

It’s a good damn thing I LOVE this yarn, or I would never have finished!

Pattern : Ready for Summer MKAL

Ravelry Link : here

Yarn : Juniper Moon Farm, Harriott Fine

Palette Cleanser

imageEvery once in a while, I just need something quick.  I get bored with repetition.  
When I saw the kit for he Hoxey Cowl from Interweave Knits, I jumped on the chance to play with the uber soft Plymouth Yarns Baby Alpaca Grande.

I highly recommend this pattern in this yarn for a quick, thoughtful gift or for a bit of purely selfish luxury.  It will take longer to block this baby than it did to knit it.  What’s not to love??

Actual Progress

I’ve mentioned before how therapeutic I find knitting to be.  It’s that calm in the storm sometimes. The known when I am surrounded by the unknown and feel out of control.  It is a distraction during the times I need one most.

My Ready for Summer 2016 MKAL sweater proved to be just what the doctor ordered over the last few weeks when Dad had to have a very risky surgery.  Being the daddy’s girl I am, I took time away from work to be there and see him safely settled home.

Being a responsible knitter, I knew it was best to pack a larger project that was *just* challenging enough to keep my attention, but not so challenging as to bring about a migraine.  (Sorry Echo Flower Shawl, you are gonna have to wait!)

Two weeks later, I am happy to report that dad is doing as well as we could hope for.  He had the best of care and I am eternally grateful for the staff at his hospital.  Of lesser importance, is the progress I was able to make on my sweater.  Between checking vitals, adjusting pillows, filling ice packs, giving meds, changing bandages, helping with PT, and keeping the old guy entertained, I didn’t have as much time to knit as I thought I might, but I did manage to finish with the first skein.


The alpaca blend is like knitting with kitten fur and I’m feeling pretty spoiled.


False starts and new yarn


My stash is almost as out of control as my project pile.  I have balls of yarn stuffed into every single crevice and drawer and shelf and box in my closet.  It wasn’t always like this though.  I used to only buy yarn when I needed it for a specific project.  But as my project list grew, so did my stash.  Eventually, I started to forget why I bought this yarn or that one.  Now, it’s like having my own little yarn store.  Sort of. Except the store never has what you REALLY want.


When I caved in and started a new sweater project, I was pretty proud of myself.   The yarn I needed was in my stash!  I hastily grabbed a skein, a needle, and my lawn chair and sat outside with the new horse and dutifully knit my gauge swatch.  I felt like I had this whole sweater thing in the bag.



Sadly, it’s just not that easy.


Gauge just didn’t turn out right.  My stitches were spot on, but my damn row gauge was off by about one row per inch.  And the fabric was scratchy.  And I just didnt love the way it was starting to turn out.

So I did just what any self-respecting knitter would do.  I grabbed a beer and my debt card.  I ripped and I shopped.


Then, not to be one to be stuck with a regretful decision in yarn, I went shopping again the following day.


Poor Knit Picks hasn’t even had the time to pack my order and here I am busting in through my front door like I saved the day with ever newer new yarn.


Let’s try this again, shall we?


A FO! ….sort of

Stealing away for a few blissful hours of knitting has been harder than it sounds lately.  Between work, farm chores, and the challenges of daily life, I’m surprised I haven’t forgotten how.  Thankfully, a few stolen moments here and there have been all I need to finish that 1/2 sleeve, tuck in a few ends, and try the thing on….


…and its just a touch too long.  And I don’t love the A-line on me.  While it is probably flattering on some, the fit is a no-go for me.


Excuse me while I go cry and try to figure out exactly how far I need to rip back to fix this.

Damn it.